SearchWiz SEO Quick Start: 14 Day Trial

First, you will need to obtain your software copy of SearchWiz SEO as well as the trial license key.

1) Fill out the Software Request form

Check the minimum computer requirements before filling out this software request form. We will send you the download links by email shortly after you fill out the form.

2) Installation

If you have received our email with links to download links, download the software and your trial lincense key. After your download is complete, install the software by right-clicking on the downloaded installation file and choosing "Run as administrator". We suggest selecting "Create Desktop Shortcut" option during the installation.

You can watch the typical installation here: Installation Video Tutorial

3) Registration

Start the SearchWIz SEO program by double clicking on its desktop icon. Use the "Upload License" link to upload your license.

You can watch the typical registration here: Registration Video Tutorial

Follow the video to complete the registration process. You should now be ready to use SearchWiz SEO.

Note: The process to install permanent licenses is slighly different as you will need to send us your PC ID.